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Examples of how to cite Nuclear Power

Similarly, as for Wikipedia, you should not cite any particular author or authors for a Nuclear Power article, in general. Nuclear Power articles are written collaboratively by more authors, and articles can be updated by another author.

MLA style

Citation in MLA style, as recommended by the Modern Language Association, 8th edition:

“Shutdown Margin – SDM.” Nuclear Power. Web. 10 Aug. 2018, sitepourvtc.com/nuclear-power/reactor-physics/reactor-operation/shutdown-margin-sdm/

Chicago style

Citation in Chicago style:

Nuclear Power, s.v. “Shutdown Margin – SDM,” (accessed August 10, 2018), //sitepourvtc.com/nuclear-power/reactor-physics/reactor-operation/shutdown-margin-sdm/

MHRA style

Citation in MHRA style, as recommended by the Modern Humanities Research Association:

Nuclear Power contributors, ‘Shutdown Margin – SDM’, Nuclear Power, <//sitepourvtc.com/nuclear-power/reactor-physics/reactor-operation/shutdown-margin-sdm/> [accessed 10 August 2018]

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