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Definition of Cross-section

In general, the cross-section is an effective area that quantifies the likelihood of certain interactions between an incident object and a target object. The cross-section of a particle is the same as the cross-section of a hard object if the probabilities of hitting them with a ray are the same.

For a given event, the cross-section σ is given by

σ = μ/n


  • σ is the cross-section of this event [m2],
  • μ is the attenuation coefficient due to the occurrence of this event [m-1],
  • n is the density of the target particles [m-3].

In nuclear physics, the nuclear cross section of a nucleus is commonly used to characterize the probability that a nuclear reaction will occur. The cross-section is typically denoted σ and measured in units of area [m2]. The standard unit for measuring a nuclear cross section is the barn, which is equal to 10−28 m² or 10−24 cm². It can be seen the concept of a nuclear cross section can be quantified physically in terms of “characteristic target area” where a larger area means a larger probability of interaction.

bk8vietnamLiên kết đăng nhập
Uranium 238. Comparison of cross-sections.

Source: JANIS (Java-based Nuclear Data Information Software); The JEFF-3.1.1 Nuclear Data Library

bk8vietnamLiên kết đăng nhập
Hydrogen. Neutron absorption and scattering. Comparison of cross-sections.

Source: JANIS (Java-based Nuclear Data Information Software); The JEFF-3.1.1 Nuclear Data Library

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